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Ferrari Portofino Carbon Fiber Fuel Filler Lid Ferrari Portofino Carbon Fiber Fuel Filler Lid

Made from ultra-light, technologically advanced carbon fibre, this fuel filler cap is lighter and more functional than the standard component. The chromed Cavallino Rampante motif embellishing the cap adds a final touch of style that accentuates the value of the vehicle.

Fits Ferrari Portofino

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Ferrari 458 Spider Bridge, LaFerrari Style LH 458 SPIDER BRIDGE LAFERRARI STYLE LH

Ferrari 458 Spider LaFerrari Style Bridge

The strength of the 458 Spider design lies in its ergonomics and in the logical layout of the various functions within the car's interior space. The central console stands out for its light and functional appearance. A longitudinal raised deck houses the F1 gear change buttons and incorporates the emergency lights button, and is becoming one of the most iconic features of the passenger compartment.

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Valve cap set, hexagonal, black

Ferrari Genuine offers a selection of different standard or hexagonal valve caps bearing the Cavallino Rampante motif to give customers even more freedom of choice when personalising their vehicles. Made of anodised aluminium, the caps do not affect wheel balance and are available in a range of colours which match the hub caps.


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Ferrari F1 Racing Carbon Fiber Shift Paddles F1 RACING SHIFT PADDLES, IN GLOSSY CARBON

The carbon interior elements offer owners extreme flexibility in how they configure the interior of the passenger compartment with a wide range of options that give every aspect of the interior a truly personalized look. The kits are designed to meet all the customers' needs, although the customers can also purchase and install individual parts from their dealers, who have been properly trained and informed with regard to the various possibilities that the Ferrari catalog has to offer.


Ferrari 488 (all models)

Ferrari California T

Ferrari GTC4 Lusso

Ferrari 812 SuperFast

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