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Battery Saver Charger, Maintainer, Cleaner & Tester Battery Saver Charger, Maintainer, Cleaner & Tester - 50 Watt

  • Quickly Charges!

  • Perfect for Larger Vehicles

  • Charges up to Six Batteries in Parallel

  • Features Our Most Powerful Design and Fastest Charging Speeds

  • PULSE Cleaning Mode Improves Battery Condition with Continued Use

  • Automatically Works with 6 and 12 Volt Batteries

  • Built-in LCD Digital Battery Tester displays the Battery Voltage,
    AMP Output & Battery Charge Percentage Bar

Our Price: $169.95
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Novelli Competizione Spring kit NOVELLI COMPETIZIONE SPRING KIT 488

Novelli Competizione Spring kit.

Applicable for the Ferrari 488 GTB and 488 Spider.

List is $1,700.00. Call for a price on installation.

Our Price: $1,700.00
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Ferrari F8 Tributo Hardcover Brochure Ferrari F8 Tributo Hardcover Brochure

Ferrari F8 Tributo hardcover brochure.

Product Details:

Part number: 95993565
Print Number: 6444/19
Size: 31x26cm
Pages: 62
Language: English/Italian
Condition: Excellent, New, Sealed

Our Price: $49.99
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Ferrari Battery Charger Kit BATTERY CHARGE KIT USA XS5.0

It is compact, fits into the glove compartment and has different sets of interchangeable terminals to guarantee compatibility with all Ferrari models manufactured to date.

The product has been specially developed for customers who do not use the vehicle on a regular basis, by keeping the conditioner connected at all times, an improvement in battery duration and performance is guaranteed.

The Ferrari battery conditioner is easy to use: once the battery and mains plug have been connected, you can select the desired program using one button: The conditioner then follows all its charge, maintenance or desulphation cycles independently and indicates the operating status via a series of LED's.

Our Price: $470.02
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