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Maserati Ghibli UV Sunshade UV SUNSHADE (2014 GHIBLI)

OEM 2014 and newer Maserati Ghibli UV Interior Sunshade 2018271. 100% unused, 100% authentic.

Maserati branding on both interior (embroidered) and exterior (screened) sides
Foldable for easy storage within the included branded storage bag

Part #2018271

Our Price: $89.99
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Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Brochure Ferrari GTC4 Lusso Brochure

2017 Ferrari GTC4LUSSO brochure, the brochure will come in a slipcase.

Product details:

Part number: 95993467
Size: -
Pages: -
Language(s): English / Italian
Condition: new - excellent

Our Price: $29.99
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Maserati Levante Loading Edge Protective Film LEVANTE LOADING EDGE PROTECTIVE FILM

Protective Film for Loading Edge for the Maserati Levante

Designed to provide the best protection, the Protective Film for the Loading Edge is the ideal solution for preserving the precious bodywork of the Levante, keeping its aesthetics unaltered over time. The film is applied to the rear bumper to protect the area mainly exposed to possible scrapes and damage caused by suitcases and various objects that may hit the luggage compartment while loading and unloading. The shaped film is transparent, so that the colour of the bodywork is not altered, and does not yellow over time. After removal, it does not leave any residues on the application surface.

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Ferrari Mini Expresso Mugs SCUDETTO MINI MUGS RED

Ferrari Scudetto Minimagu Cup Set

A set of 2 espresso cups, one red, the other yellow, with a white interior, the Ferrari Shield logo on the front at 30mm height and the Ferrari Scuderia logo on the back at 40mm. The set comes in a red box, making this item exclusive.

Our Price: $30.80
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