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Top Down Summer - June 4th, 2021

Written by Jeremy Sus

Summer is finally here, well not officially, but who’s counting. We’ve all been cooped up in our own makeshift quarantine, but the light is finally starting to break through the clouds; it’s time to start enjoying life again. What better way is there to enjoy the Summer than with the wind in your hair and hands on the Italian Ferrari leather steering wheel. Ferrari was thinking about this with the Spider lineup of the Ferrari 812 GTS, SF90 Spider, F8 Spider, and the Portofino M; all of these intricate, ‘topless’, machines provide that visceral feel of freedom and exuberance. They provide a true and unmatched summer time experience. I can practically feel the 720 horsepower roaring to life from the F8 Spider while on a twisty road, desolate road.

However I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that there’s a care factor associated with any Ferrari. Before your first summer drive in your Ferrari 812 GTS that reaches 62 mph in less than 3 seconds, proper upkeep is imperative to not only the longevity of the car, but personal pride as well. Developed and produced exclusively by Ferrari Genuine, the Exterior Cleaning Kit, Interior Cleaning Kit and Touring Cleaning Kit consist of a selection of products letting owners look after the interior and exterior of their cars completely and safely. Keeping your top-down Ferrari clean makes the summertime air that much more refreshing.

Specific cleaning products to clean, nourish or polish every part of the interior trim and protect the quality of the materials used, personalized Ferrari fragrances with a unique and unmistakable scent, and superlative quality creams which are gentle on the skin and care for the environment: these are just some of the car care products available from the official Ferrari network, created to keep your Ferrari in an immaculate condition and looking as good as ever day after day, whether in the city or on the road.

So take a deep breath as your foot eases into the accelerator pedal of the clean SF90 Spider, smile, and most importantly, enjoy the summer drive!


Summer Ferrari Maintenance Tips - May 24th, 2021

Written by Jeremy Sus

With summer slowly inching its way through the calendar, you may already be overdue when it comes to preparations for the heat. But rest assured, it’s not too late to give your Ferrari a good once-over at Continental AutoSports in Hinsdale, IL. Sticky and humid days are fast approaching, and for the Ferrari Cavallino branded museum on four wheels sitting in your stable to run at peak performance, there are a few simple Ferrari services you can get done at Continental AutoSports.

1. If your Ferrari is equipped, replace your pollen/cabin filter. While this simple and inexpensive swap doesn’t necessarily add any additional performance, it does help with pollen particles as well as other foreign contaminants that could lurk throughout your car. For when that A/C’s on full blast, your nose and allergies will thank you.

2. Getting regular services is the easiest, most inexpensive, thing you can do to keep your Ferrari in perfect working order. Believe it or not, the summer heat can have an effect on oil viscosity and may hinder performance. Been a while since you’ve had a service done? Get it completed before summer, your horsepower will thank you.

3. Lastly, check your Ferrari battery. Hot, humid weather speeds up corrosion on all automotive batteries thus reducing the capacity within the battery. This inevitably leads to a weaker battery which then causes a flat-out dead battery – no one wants that on a 95-degree day. Getting your Ferrari battery tested at Continental AutoSports in Hinsdale, IL takes no time at all and is an absolute piece of mind.

So there you have it: a simple checklist before you and your Ferrari start your rally through the winding back roads of Illinois or along the sandy beaches of Michigan. Regardless of where you’re going, make sure you get there safe and more knowledgeable than before. Continental AutoSports located in Hinsdale, Illinois services and maintains Ferraris throughout the Midwest, including Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Indiana, and Michigan.

Happy driving!


Mother's Day - May 7th, 2021

Written by Jeremy Sus

Each of us in this world owes our existence to women – that’s just a bare-bones fact. It’s difficult to properly show appreciation for a person who quite literally made you but it’s not out of the realm of possibility to do everything you can to showcase them. On that note, Mother’s Day lands on May 9 th this year and while it should be a national holiday, let’s not forget that every day can be Mother’s Day. And guess what? Moms like fast cars too. Continental AutoSports in Hinsdale, IL is a Mother’s Day mecca. From genuine Ferrari keychains and watches to hats and literature; there’s at least one prancing horse gift mom will surely cherish. Also, why not give yourself peace of mind and take her car to get an inspection? When mom is safe on the road, she’s safe in your heart.

It’s imperative we all celebrate Mother’s Day to some extent. Whether it is a simple phone call or e-mail, or even a glance up at the heavens, honor your mother as well as all those before. For mothers are why we are here today, why we exist in the first place. So, extend a simple thank you to the mother in your life, or the mother in someone else’s life. Thank you mom, thank you for everything up to this point and all else beyond.

To all mothers: thank you, sincerely, from Continental AutoSports.


Ferrari Spring Maintenance - April 29th, 2021

Written by Jeremy Sus

Spring weather is upon us and you can almost hear the garage doors unlocking and car covers being separated from a Maranello-produced work of art. It’s a perfect day without a cloud in the sky, the sun is smiling and the roads are dry. But what’s this, is that an oil spot? Is it coolant? Wait, is it transmission fluid? You’re not comfortable going anywhere until you know where this leak originated, regardless of its origin, and it now needs your attention.

Like anything made with passion, maintenance is required and Ferrari’s are no different. That miniature puddle of liquid on your garage floor may require a couple turns on a wrench or a complete oil pan removal. Either way, Continental AutoSports, serving Chicago and the Midwest has you covered with a plethora of Genuine Ferrari parts such as oil pan gaskets, radiator hoses, and transmission seals. And whether you’re showcasing a pristine Ferrari 246 Dino or newly minted SF90, we’re here for you; that Sunday drive will happen, we’ll make sure of it. It’s not boiler-plate, Continental AutoSports located in Hinsdale, IL as a whole legitimately takes pride in getting that beautiful piece of machinery on the road once again.

There’s only so much that can be said for experience, for it’s unimportant without accrued knowledge and humility. So put that proverbial spring in your step, push the ’Engine Start’ button, and bask in the symphonic tones of Italian performance, because you have an unparalleled ally: the Continental AutoSports team.

Visit our authorized ferrari service center for your spring Ferrari maintenance needs.
Author info: Jeremy Sus, Assistant Parts Manager with Continental AutoSports since 2006. Jeremy has acquired a legitimate admiration for the Ferrari marque. His parts knowledge is an example of this as he continues to take in as much as he can, expanding his parts knowledge on everything from vintage show-cars to brand new supercars. He leaves nothing unturned when trying to acquire a part for all customers and looks forward to keeping those customers for many years to come.