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Maserati First Aid Kit

Fits in all current Maserati models.

Our Price: $21.74
Maserati Levante Polished Plate Frame PLATE FRAME POLISHED "LEVANTE"

Levante Polished Plate Frame

Our Price: $48.00
Maserati Levante Black Pearl Plate Frame PLATE FRAME BLK PEARL "LEVANTE"

Levante Black Pearl Plate Frame

Our Price: $52.00
Maserati Levante Loading Edge Protective Film LEVANTE LOADING EDGE PROTECTIVE FILM

Protective Film for Loading Edge for the Maserati Levante

Designed to provide the best protection, the Protective Film for the Loading Edge is the ideal solution for preserving the precious bodywork of the Levante, keeping its aesthetics unaltered over time. The film is applied to the rear bumper to protect the area mainly exposed to possible scrapes and damage caused by suitcases and various objects that may hit the luggage compartment while loading and unloading. The shaped film is transparent, so that the colour of the bodywork is not altered, and does not yellow over time. After removal, it does not leave any residues on the application surface.

Our Price: $64.90

The Valve Caps add an extra touch of elegance to the New Quattroporte. The caps are made of a lightweight, rust-proof material, resistant to all weather conditions. The Trident logo embosses on the cap personalizes the valve cover.

Our Price: $70.40
Maserati Levante Luggage Compartment Mat LEVANTE LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT MAT M161


The Levante Luggage Compartment Mat is made from a lightweight and waterproof thermoplastic material that will protect the luggage compartment floor from mud, oil, sand, water, and snow. Designed to cover the floor but leave the optional anchors and rails uncovered. Features a Maserati Trident detail.

Our Price: $75.80
Maserati Levante Luggage Compartment Net LEVANTE LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT NET M161

Luggage Compartment Net

The stability of the items in the luggage compartment when
travelling is fundamental for safe and relaxed driving. The
Luggage Compartment Net is a simple and very effective
accessory which, thanks to its double layer, enables small
and medium-sized objects to be secured. The net is fastened
using four hooks located in the corners of the luggage
compartment floor, or via eyelets in the rails on the luggage
compartment floor (optional).

Our Price: $80.10
Maserati Luggage Compartment Foldable Cargo Bin LUGGAGE COMPARTMENT FOLDABLE C

Designed to optimize the use of the vehicle luggage compartment, the Maserati Foldable Box is a practical and stylish container that can be used to store small and medium-sized objects or products. This accessory is distinguished by its great versatility: on-board the vehicle, it can be used to tidily store your personal belongings; outside the vehicle, the Box becomes a practical and trendy briefcase, ready for any and all needs.

Our Price: $102.00
Maserati Levante Sunshade Levante Sunshade

Designed and developed to best reduce the heat inside the vehicle when parked, the new Maserati Sunshade is the ideal solution to keep the passenger compartment fresher and at the time preserve the aesthetic qualities of the vehicle luxury interiors over time. Made to measure to perfectly fit to the interior of the windscreen, the product is enriched with the vehicle logos and the Maserati logo, silk-screened on the outer side and embroidered on the inside. The Sunshade is foldable, and can therefore be easily stored in its special Maserati branded bag when not used.

Our Price: $158.65
Maserati Levante All Season Mats LEVANTE ALL SEASONS MATS - LHD

Levante All Season Floor Mats

Protection in all weather conditions.

Levante All Seasons Floor Mats Sets are the ideal product to protect and preserve the vehicle’s floor and interior from water, mud, sand and snow. Protection is assured with custom fitted, fully waterproof, and easy-to-clean rubber material. The All Season Floor Mat set consists of two front floor mats and two rear floor mats.

Our Price: $196.00
Maserati Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier ROOF MOUNTED SKI & SNOWBOARD CARRIER

Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier

The Roof Mounted Ski & Snowboard Carrier makes loading
and unloading easy, and does not force you to stretch to
reach the top of the roof, letting you slide the equipment
towards the outside. Opening is made easy thanks to large
buttons, which can even be operated while wearing gloves,
whereas the surface of the bars is padded to avoid damage
to the equipment. Made of aluminium and featuring an
aerodynamic design, the system can carry up to 6 pairs of skis
or 4 snowboards, and is equipped with a lock.

Our Price: $271.00
Maserati Levante Roof Cross Bars LEVANTE ROOF CROSS BARS

Maserati Levante Roof Cross Bars

To install the Roof Cross Bars, the vehicle must be equipped with the roof rails, available as OPT 357 or as Retrofit Kit.


Maserati Levante

Our Price: $320.00
Maserati Levante Black Roof Rails Retrofit Kit RETROFIT KIT ROOF RAILS BLACK


The roof rails are essential for using the many transport options available in the Levante Accessories range. Beyond the utility of the rails, they add to the car aesthetics, highlighting the sporty lines of the Levante.

Includes 4 of part number 670093078. These are needed for installation.

Our Price: $430.20